We often get asked how quickly we can produce a re-usable banner. And the answer is always ‘how soon can you agree the artwork’?
Most of the banners we make are for summer/firework/spring/Christmas events and these tend to be run by volunteers or not-for-profit organisations.  We help with the artwork but it is still a big responsibility to

  1. design a banner that will work
  2. design a banner that reflects the values/brand of the organisation as it is now
  3. design a banner that will continue to reflect the values/brand of the organisation in the future

And this leads to much discussion and delay.  It is so important to get it right, especially as not only is there a big financial consideration at stake, but also the responsibility of keeping the banner out of landfill.
This is one of several banners ordered by Prudhoe & Stocksfield Church.  They came to us two weeks before their summer holiday club. And four days later we were still discussing the size of the lettering vs logo. In reality, although we can produce banners very quickly, at any one time we have a dozen or so customers wanting their orders processed quickly and only 10 hours of the day to satisfy everyone’s expectations.  This is why, when we get a short notice order like this one, we ‘guess’ the amount of time needed for the design and book space in the workshop to make the items in advance. Which is why item 1 above is always the most important.  The only banner that will work is the one THAT IS ON DISPLAY.

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