Correx Direction Boards For Essential Covid Reminders



Made from Correx boards (corregated plastic) with basic direction decals, you will find these boards essential for internal or outside signage in your shop or factory.  Staff and customers will be used to the pre-pandemic route around your shop or site so you can use these boards to remind them of your new normal going forward.

Each board measures 30x30cm.

You can hang these correx direction boards from the ceiling by ropes or wires. Or you can affix to lamp posts or fences with cable ties.  They are hard wearing and easy to read. You can use them outside or inside your premises.

The Government has laid out its plans for the easing of lockdown. Their advice is given here but their advice does vary from business sector to sector.  We suggest that you read the relevant, up to date guidance before purchasing.

We suggest these signs would work well in any large retail setting such as garden centres and car centres.  They will also be useful in public settings, such as parks and gardens.

What if I need a different design of correx direction board?

We recognise that Lockdown easing post pandemic is not a ‘one size fits all’  Each business owner needs to make their own decisions.  If you don’t see exactly what you need here, do"> email us as we are very happy to make customised products at no extra charge.  We do not have a minimum number for ordering.

Additional Information

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