Floor Stickers for Social Distancing


Wondered how to apply floor stickers for social distancing?

In these days, even coming out of Covid, floor stickers to remind of queuing and social distancing are a real requirement.  The floor stickers we supply are covered with anti-slip laminate and suitable for use inside and out.  But they take a bit of time to fit properly.  You will need a heat gun, and a way of cleaning dust from the floor surface.  It might be that you are seen hoovering the paving outside your shop or cafe!

And that is the key.  A clean, as flat as possible surface, and a source of good direct heat.  As you apply the sticker you will see that the vinyl will shrink onto the floor.  Don’t apply too much heat too quickly otherwise the floor sticker will start to bubble.  Do make sure the edges are well stuck down.  We don’t want people tripping over the floor sticker whilst they are social distancing!  Remember to check the stickers regularly because the outdoor ones may well start to lift over time, dependant on the surface.

Which design of floor sticker?

We have started offering two choices of floor sticker for social distancing so that one is more friendly than the other. Designed to appeal to all market sectors, we can personalise the colours to fit your brand if you wish.

Floor Stickers for Social Distancing are not just for floors!

These stickers work well (and arguably) last longer if applied to the wall alongside your shop or cafe, encouraging people to queue safely for entry.  Don’t forget to remove them you will need to apply the heat again.

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Find the latest government safety information here.

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