One Way System Stickers – It really is this easy to improve Site or Shop Safety



The new normal in the workplace or shop requires reduction of congestion in corridors and door ways.  These one way system stickers will allow you to create easy and versatile foot flow through your premises.

The UK Government released its updated rules on easing the lockdown situation in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  You can read the guidelines here and they do change depending on the industry sector you are in.  But there is one continuity across all sectors.  With their normal level of clarity, the Government state businesses must “define process alternatives for entry and exit points where appropriate.  For example, by deactivating pass readers at turnstiles or creating a single flow system around the site”.

We are offering a choice of sticker material to suit all situations.  They measure 30cm in diameter.

Vinyl stickers work well on flat surface and glass – so ideal for door windows.  You can use them back to back on the inside and outside of the glass to give clear reminders on entry and exit.

FabriStick® stickers are designed for bumpy surfaces such as brick, wood and even fabric.  So if you have a blind on your window, you can use double viewed signage without having to reduce your privacy.

These are stickers.  We can sell them mounted onto boards, if you require.

I need something different!

">Do get in touch with us!  Every business is going to need something different.  We don’t charge extra for bespoke or short run orders.  Be sure that if you are wanting it then others will too.



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