Social Distancing Signs


These social distancing signs are just one thing you can do to keep your staff and customers safe as we start to get Britain working after the Coronavirus Lockdown.


Why would you need social distancing signs?

The scientists advise that social distancing is here to stay but hopefully Britain will slowly emerge from full Lockdown.  Are you wondering how you can re-open your workshop with the post Coronavirus Lock Down rules?  We have designed these social distancing signs to remind your staff and visitors of their need to be continually careful so that the virus does not spread again.

Made from correx (corregated plastic), you will find that these signs are light enough to be glued, blu tacked, hung or screwed to any surface, inside or out.  The A3 or A4 ones are postable.  The larger A2 or A1 signs are contact free collection or delivery in the Chichester, West Sussex area only.

With these signs, you can meet all legal and moral responsibility to your staff and customers.  Personalised signs are available for orders over 10 units.

How can we work AND socially distance?

Trust me this is a problem we too are wrestling with and it will be different for every business.  We have a small workshop that is too narrow due to the large fixed work benches.  We cannot space vertically so we are going to ‘cut’ our workshop in half.  It already has a door at either end, so one person will work on the machines and the other will be packing.  We have constructed a temporary barrier and are using some of our own signs as reminders.  It is frustrating and output is lower, but we are keeping busy and that is the important thing, not just for the business but for all of our sanity!

Whilst we are not accepting customers to our workshop, many of our customers do need their own customers to come and buy.  Why not look at the model being used by supermarkets.  Perhaps you could create a one way route?  Or put yellow tape down on the floor showing the two metre gap?  Would this work for you?

Others are doing click and collect . . none of these systems are ideal, but they will be the new norm.

Most importantly, stay safe and healthy.  Do ">contact us if you would like to have your signs personalised.



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