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How to change the lettering on your banner?

Purchase a banner from us and we offer the chance for you to update it yourself.  Your banner will have arrived with all of its first set of information on.  Your event is over, you have stored the banner clean and carefully ready for your next event.  But now you are 6-7 weeks from that event and you need to learn how to change the lettering on your re-usable vinyl banner!

How to order

  1. We keep records of all the banners we make and keep them for many years, so it is just a case of emailing us and telling us the dates of your next event.
  2. Remind us of the number of banners you are planning to use (especially important if you are regular customers and we have made multiple ones in the past)
  3. Remember to give us your despatch address – we don’t keep this information on file
  4. In the next week you will receive your replacement lettering.  It is made from a flexi vinyl especially designed for banners, so it is really easy to change your lettering.
  5. We charge by the meterage for the lettering and will be able to tell you this price once your original design is finalised.  Most banners of 2-3 metre cost £30ish to update, but this does vary by the amount of information being changed.  We guarantee it will never cost more than 2/3rds of the original price.

How to apply your re-usable banner lettering

This video explains exactly how to change the lettering on your re-usable vinyl banner.

You will need

  • a hairdryer or hot water bottle (to remove the existing lettering)
  • stick remover product (we recommend DeSolvIt, but nail polish remover or even white spirit will also work)
  • An old credit card
  • Clean water
  • Kitchen towel or wipe
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors

Do get in touch if you have any problems, but your banner will look exactly like new at the end.  No nasty patches.

Be warned, the process is highly addictive!  We hope you will come back and repeat the exercise for many years, keeping the vinyl out of land fill.

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