Environmental Policy

Griffin Designs recognises that its activities have an environmental impact and minimising any negative aspects of that impact is an integral part of its overall business objectives. To that end it will engage in the activities listed below:

  1. In so far as possible, try to ensure that all our products can be re-used by our and to the benefit of our clients rather than disposed of.
  2. Donating our offcuts and ‘waste’ products to other users such as charities and schools.
  3. Seek to reduce consumption of materials in all operations, reuse rather than dispose wherever possible, and promote recycling and the use of recycled materials.
  4. Establish standards and management procedures to ensure that all the requirements of relevant environmental legislation are met and that, where practically possible, the environmental requirements of clients are met.
  5. Set regular objectives and targets to minimize our environmental impacts and ensure continual improvement in our performance.
  6. Aim to achieve energy efficiency in offices and the use of vehicles.
  7. If applicable to the company’s activities at any time, establish procedures for minimizing the occurrence of and mitigating the impacts of environmental incidents to prevent pollution and nuisance.
  8. Reduce, wherever practicable, the level of harmful emissions from any activity.
  9. Ensure that any waste materials are dealt with appropriately, and re-used or recycled where possible.
  10. Ensure awareness of environmental issues within the company by training.
  11. Monitor environmental performance.
  12. Communicate on the environment with interested parties, including employees, clients and consultants placed by the company with clients and, where relevant, local residents, and public authorities, through a spirit of open dialogue and proactive involvement.
  13. Publish this environmental policy in appropriate ways to confirm commitment to the activities included in it.
  14. Commit to identifying and allocating the necessary resources  to implement the policy and the environmental management system fully and successfully.
  15. Review the policy, at least annually as part of the annual  management review, and where necessary on an ad-hoc basis in response to any circumstances which would necessitate its review.