Make a change, Reduce environmental Impact

Our Company

Griffin Designs started in 2006 and originally focused on vehicle sign-writing, banners and rubber stamps. However, with the changes in the industry I recognised that good old vinyl sign writing might well go the way of traditional sign writing in the next decades.
Always keen to make a vinyl as environmentally friendly as possible, Griffin Designs specialises in making advertising banners that can be changed. The dates and other details can be changed. This is particularly popular for school open days and charitable events.
Over the years two complimentary sister businesses have been added to develop a re-positionable wall sticker: Stickers4Walls and FabriStick® .

Karen Griffin

I love having my own company, making things that help other people's companies!

It started with a rubber stamp machine, and has evolved into making a whole series of products aimed at tradesmen and schools, charities and fund raising organisers.

I find myself dreaming of ways to make vinyl into a more environmentally friendly product – mostly by re-using as there is very little in the way of recycling facilities for it in the UK.

I feel blessed to be doing a job that is so varied.  I work with fantastic people and meet lots of other interesting people most days.  No day is ever the same and if there is a bugbear it is the amount of paperwork that keeps me out of the workshop.

Nick Griffin

Achieve today what you want to achieve tomorrow

I started here in March 2019, and am on a Business Administration Apprenticeship scheme. Juggling studies with the workload in the workshop is a challenge. My goal is to finish each day having got a head start on the workload for the following day! I run the workshop machines so nothing gets made and packed unless I make sure the machines are working the job ahead.

Camila Fontalvo

My passion is to help make people's vision a reality.
I work at the opposite end of the customer’s journey to Wendy. I get the enjoyment of speaking to the customer about what their hopes and plans are. From there I design their product, and once it is signed off, it goes over to Nick. I love being in an industry where I actually see my designs come to fruition in such a small space of time. The ultimate pleasure for any designer.