Post Covid 19 Health & Safety


Like all businesses, we have had to make a lot of changes to keep staff and customers safe Post Coronovirus Lockdown.

To the Government we are in the manufacturing sector, which means we are one of the first allowed back to work – hooray!  Sadly, most of our customers are in education, events and hospitality and they will be in the last tranch of business sectors to re-open.

We are adapting and surviving in the way small businesses can.

  1. Our small workshop is closed to customers. We can still design your artwork over the telephone or by email.  We accept this will take a little longer and we will miss the insight we get from working in person with our customers but this is the new future and we will all have to learn to work differently.
  2. Customers can still collect their orders, but they will be left outside the gate and payment can be taken by card over the phone or by bacs. Cash may be left in an envelope if necessary.
  3. We care for the safety of our couriers too, so they can no longer come onto our premises. No more welcome pit stops for them.  Instead we are delivering direct to depot/collection point or leaving our parcels outside.
  4. Our workshop is narrow and because of that only two members of staff can work in it at any one time with the social distancing rules. The office can only take one person, so at all times we are below our normal strength.  This has a knock on effect on the amount of work we can do, so please accept that you might have to wait longer than usual for your order.
  5. All staff have access to face masks and gloves.
  6. Each member of staff now have their own tools. No more sharing of pens, squeegees and weeding knives.
  7. Shared spaces such as the toilet are wiped down regularly with anti bac spray.
  8. Staff bring their own drinks and food.
  9. Shared machinery such as computers and printing equipment are either allocated to one member of staff for the day or are cleaned between change of use.
  10. Any member of staff who feels uncomfortable at any time knows they can speak up without fear or challenge.

We will continue to adapt as new knowledge about the Coronavirus becomes available and Government legislation changes.