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Re-Usable Banners for School Open Days

Just to say thanks for the banner lettering received. We managed the removal and replacement very easily and they are now installed on our fences ? I have passed the invoice to our accounts lady, Andrea. Thanks, Sarah Walker, Marketing Manager Upton House School

Like many private schools, Upton House caters for many different age groups.  A child can move from their nursery through to prep school.  Children can join the school at several stages through their educational journey aged 2-11 years.  Like many independent establishments, new parents may drive regularly past the building but not appreciate that this method of education is open to everyone.

Public schools are strong on brand.  It carries right through the school, from uniforms to websites, and we love having such clear guidance.  We can design a really eye catching banner. Not only will we develop a design that incorporates that brand, but we will hopefully encompass some of the culture of the school.

We have been involved in making banners for all sectors of Upton House and this banner for their Nursery is a great example.  We were able to make a design that clearly is aimed at 2-4 year olds. This is a large banner so we were able to be a little more wordy than normal. We settled on the idea of ‘wheels on the bus’ nursery rhyme.

Sarah can, and does, change the dates on this banner herself.  In this way, she has been able to use the banner over many years, several times each year.  The school is able to keep its ethos of being sustainable as well as being able to use their most effective form of advertising.

Would you like some Re-usable Banners for School Open Days?

">Get in touch with us!  We are always happy to help create a design synonymous with your school and its ethos.


Re-usable Banners