Do you have a vehicle or a boat that needs signage?

Let us show you how easy it is to apply professional looking signage to your boat or vehicle. You can order our marine grade, long lasting vinyl stickers with confidence.  You will find it easy to apply as it comes pre-spaced and with easy to follow instructions.

Equally suitable for boats or vehicles, it also is suitable for motorcycles.

The boat and car graphics can be sent all over the UK, but if you are in the Chichester area or close to the Hampshire/Sussex border, we do offer a mobile installation service.  This means you can continue with your day, with full access to your van and we come to your work location to install the graphics (subject to weather conditions).

You can be confident that these graphics will stand up to any weather conditions the UK has to offer for at least 5 years.  Many of our customers have graphics in place for over 7 years.

Once applied, these vinyl stickers can be washed with a jet wash, sponge or car wash.  They are impervious to wiper blades or de-icer spray.  We recommend you do not use a scraper to remove ice to avoid damaging the graphics.

When you decide to get rid or your boat, vehicle or motorcycle, you can simply heat the graphics with a heat gun or hairdryer.  It is a time consuming process.  Any residual stick can be removed with a proprietary stick remover and the vehicle, boat or motorcycle thoroughly cleaned.

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