Caravan Roof Stickers


Caravan roof stickers offer a way of having your vehicle identified by road side monitoring cameras in the case of theft. Use them for motor homes too!

Watch this video to learn why caravan roof stickers are key.




Retrieval rather than protection

Caravan Roof Stickers offer another small protection in the fight against caravan, motor home and horse box theft.

So you left your caravan on your drive.  You have a steering wheel lock fitted.  You have an external wheel clamp.  And you have etched your windows with a VIN number.

In fact you have installed all the recommend caravan security devices and systems: alarms, cameras, wheel locks, door locks . . . at many hundreds of pounds.  Which leaves you looking for motorhome security tips, or even diy caravan security products.

Yet, you have come home to find your caravan gone.  How do you go about retrieving your treasured caravan?  This is actually a difficult situation.  Clamps are a deterrent to theft.  VIN numbers are a way of reuniting you with a retrieved van.  However, caravans and motor homes are very difficult to tell apart and so retrieval is actually very difficult.  So many are stolen and whisked into Europe very quickly.

If you do find yourself with a stolen van, or want to keep up to date, join this facebook group run by a private group of enthusiasts.

How do Caravan roof stickers work?

  1. It is as easy as sending us your chosen details.  It can be any number or combination of letters and numbers.  The most important thing is that you don’t forget it. We don’t recommend you use your home postcode.   Most of our customers use their car registration number.
  2. It comes with clear instructions for fitting onto a clean roof.  In fact it will take longer to clean the roof than to install it.
  3. We recommend you install it from the kerb side with the letters towards you.
  4. Our roof stickers are generally made from black marine grade vinyl (unless you request a different colour) and are in 23cm high lettering.  These are the same size and design as used on emergency service vehicles.
  5. Should your vehicle be stolen, contact the police and advise them that you have a roof sticker.  They will activate the road side monitoring cameras to scan for the vehicle.  The cameras are placed on an increasing number of roads, but are prolific around ports and motorways.
  6. Remember the roof sticker is not proof of ownership.  It is an identifier.  If your caravan is retrieved, you will still need to prove ownership through other documentation.

This video shows you how easy it is to apply them.  The biggest challenge will be cleaning your roof first!

If you have any questions at all, ">please contact us.  To learn more about vinyl lettering, hop over here.