Pavement Signs


Pavement signs are a great way of catching the eye of passers by and directing them to your business, especially if it is located away from a main street.


Pavement Signs – How will you use yours?

Detested in precincts but a real staple of smaller outlets, pavement signs are much maligned.  They really do work, highlighting your establishment in a flexible non-permanent type of way.  This is especially important to independent retailers who may be away from the main street.  Pavement signs are also a really visual way of indicating you are open, if you are in an industry with flexible working hours.

  • Pavement signs of this style, known as ‘Swinger2’, are very durable, made from powder coated aluminium
  • They can have a white or black frame
  • Each panel is designed especially for you and can be different on either side
  • They fold flat for storage
  • The bases are stable yet not so heavy that the item cannot be moved at the end of the day
  • These pavement signs are especially engineered to cope with windy conditions without blowing over.

From a design point of view, the gentle swing of the personalised panel allows your sign to attract attention to passers-by whether they be on foot or in wheels. One of the pictured signs was made for Ebony Jewellers for use at their market stall.  It is possible to have a different sign on each side at no extra cost.

How to order a pavement sign

Simply purchase online and then follow the instructions to upload your design ideas to us.  Each product is customised so we will make your artwork and send it to you for approval before manufacture.  If you have any queries just ">email us and we are happy to help.

This product is inclusive of postage to UK addresses.


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