Rigid Plastic Display Boards


Tecafoam is a rigid white plastic product that is 5mm thick.  It is ideal for small temporary signage outside of properties or propped up on exhibition displays. It is light enough to be hung from cable ties and easy to affix to any surface with screws or even ‘no more nails’ type products.


Available in white only, it can be flood coated (covered) with a printed full colour design, or it can have a block cut vinyl lettering design.  Email us for help with the design.


How to use  Rigid Plastic Display Boards

Rigid white plastic display boards have a whole range of uses.  This material has many brand names – tecafoam, foamboard, foamcore, foamex – but it is all the same product. In fact when you start with this product, you will find lots of uses and probably get addicted!  Not only is it a core signage product, it is used in lots of everyday events.

We use it to create rigid storage boxes. Our dogs practice Fly Ball over jumps made from this product.  It makes a great storage board for jigsaws and modellers. And it is beloved for wargamers who create dioramas and scenery from it.

We use this product in our own office.  When we are open but working in the back workshop, a board in the window directs callers around.  Being rigid and flat, it stores easily by the side of a cabinet ready to be put in the window when needed.

Here is a link to a video to give you more ideas.

Builders Boards

Popularly known as ‘Builders Boards’ because of their common use as brand display outside a customers’ premises. If you have an office or workshop premises these boards will work well as small signage.  Tecafoam can easily be drilled to rigid surfaces or posts or it is light enough to hang from railings by cable ties.

They are a cheaper option than the permanent Dibond, and can last many years with care.  Do be aware that over time, the plastic can break under a direct impact especially in colder weather. For this reason we recommend they are mounted against a rigid surface rather than onto posts.

How To Design Rigid Plastic Display Boards

You can use a whole range of designs on Tecafoam, from a full colour coating of printed vinyl to single colour lettering.  Single colour lettering can even be changed so that your boards could be used to promote different events or at exhibitions.  This uses the same process as our re-usable banners.  Why not ask us for help with a design?


Are you a trades person?  You will love these boards!  Simply ask your customer if you can display a board for a few days.  Cable tie it to a gate post or hedge so that all passers-by know that you have been working in the area.  These boards carry on working when your sign written van is no longer there.  They provide a testimonial and enhancing your reputation in that neighbourhood.


Worried about the impact of plastic on the environment?  Read our blog to find out why PVC boards are not the environmental baddy of the media.


Other sizes are available of these rigid plastic display boards, but be aware that we cannot post large pieces due to courier restrictions.  If you are local to Chichester, West Sussex, get in touch and we can quote for alternative sized pieces.

Additional Information

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50x50cm, A5, A4, A3