Vinyl Lettering


Vinyl Lettering for Self Application

Vinyl lettering has to be the most versatile product around.  We supply many different types of vinyls.  Why not let us know how you are planning to use it?  This way we will ensure you get the right vinyl for the job.  In years gone by, sign writing was an artistically skilled job.  After a long apprenticeship, the trades person would paint designs freehand  onto walls, vans and buildings.  Artisans are few and far between these days.  They have mostly been replaced by the economic and easy to apply vinyl products.

What are the common uses of vinyl lettering?

  • You can brand vehicles.  Rear window decals are really popular and drive business in your geographically local area. You can apply these graphics easily yourself.
  • If you have a boat, why not use our marine grade vinyls?  You may want to add your boat name in a fancy design.  Or you can even add a port of origin.  Vinyl lettering works on RIB’s life buoys and life vests.
  • Do you have a shop and want something better than a sheet of paper with your opening times?  For instance, you can apply vinyl lettering to the inside of the glass It is a great way to connect with passers-by at eye level.  You can also display important store information such as opening times.
  • Perhaps you have made a sign or an A board – why not put some vinyl lettering on to finish the job?
  • Vinyl lettering adheres to most flat surfaces. If you have existing signage or a metal fence, why not spruce it up with your own design?

For an idea of how others are using vinyl lettering, take a look at our blog.

Is it easy to apply?

YES!  We send clear instructions and we have also made a handy how to video here.  In addition, we send all our lettering in single sheets.  We supply the lettering on a backing sheet, all pre-spaced.  So although it will look like each letter has been applied separately – no nasty clear backing – in fact you will have applied it in one block.  Watch the video!  But be warned.  You may find yourself addicted!

Is it expensive?

Vinyl lettering is very cost effective.  Let us know how you are using it and we will make sure we supply the optimum vinyl for the job.  For example, our marine grade vinyl (for vehicles and boats) works out at around 10p per 1cm height of letter.  If you are ordering large amounts, we go to a meterage price rather than a per letter price. "> Just email for a quote.