Do you see a lot of lamp post advertising locally?  We certainly do here on the south coast.

Lamp post advertising boards are aimed at pedestrians outside busy shopping areas or schools.  Others are directed at slower moving traffic.  Usually A2 in size, they are very effective, especially for local, repeated events such as jumble sales, quiz nights etc.

Correx (a type of corregated plastic) is light enough to hang with cable ties and soft enough to punch holes in with a pair or scissors or a screw driver.  It is strong enough to survive most weather conditions, when secured properly.

Get the design right, and we can make them re-usable, in the same way as we do the vinyl banners!

If you do use these boards to highlight a local event, please oh please, do take them down after the event.  Not just to re-use them, but to avoid bad feeling in your neighbourhood.

Spare boards?

If you find you are not holding the event again you can still re-use your boards.  Here are a few ideas:

  • peel the lettering off (a really long winded task) and then order new lettering for your next event
  • it makes a great rabbit run in the garden!  Just put a long skewer down the corregations to secure to the ground.
  • we use offcuts in the workshop to create separators for our stock.  By half scoring it through, you can create right angled dividers
  • flyball!  Heard of it, if not google it!  Why not make temporary jumps for your dog (or cat) from your old lamp post board?

correx display boards for lamp post