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We Can Work As The Approved Supplier for Franchises and MLM’s

We are proud to be approved suppliers to The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

Just thought I’d send you a pic of the logo, looks fantastic, thanks again!! Anne Kent

Having an approved supplier could solve a conundrum for many modern Franchises and MLM’s.  Many of their consultants are self employed or run businesses in their own right.  They have the rights to use the franchisor’s branding material but often the franchisor loses control.  Franchisees purchase from unapproved suppliers, or they may even design their own material.  By appointing an approved supplier, the franchisor only has to approve a single design and then leave the hard work to the supplier.

For The 1:1 Diet, we have set up a private website page.  Consultants can access this directly through The 1:1 Diet’s consultant portal.  In this way, everyone can be assured that only consultants are purchasing properly branded products.  It is a win-win situation for everyone.

In return, we supply samples for approval to The 1:1 Diet’s marketing department.  We attend their events so that consultants can see the products and discuss what might work for their own business.  We run a private facebook group for consultants with marketing tips that might help them grow their business.  Being in contact with so many consultants, we are in a unique position to pass on information across the different ‘lines’.  What works for one group, may well work for another.

Are you starting a franchise, or do you have a side hustle MLM business?

">We would love to hear from you.  Although a proper working relationship takes time to set up, we are actively looking to work with more franchisors and MLM organisations.  It is well worth the investment in time for both parties.


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