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Prudhoe Holiday Club Re-Usable Banner

We received our banners on Monday. I unpacked them and distributed them to members of the participating churches this morning. We think they're stunning and many compliments flew around. I will forward the invoice onto our treasurer and you should receive payment forth-with! Thank you very much for all your help on the project. You should be hearing from us next Spring after our first meeting to confirm the dates for next year - if not before! With best wishes, Samantha

PS I am minded to take a photo of our banner and share it via our Facebook Page. (There's an environmental theme running through this year's holiday club so we are even more pleased than we would normally be to have re-usable banner!) If I can find you on FB, I'll tag you... 🙂

Do you run a once a year event such as a holiday club?  Samantha took the unenviable role of promotions for her group of Churches.  Holiday Club members would be from families in the local area.  Her committee felt they wanted a ‘physical’ marketing campaign rather than a digital one.  They felt they lacked the necessary skills to arrange a social media campaign themselves.  They found us on google and were impressed with the many images and testimonials on our site.

Samantha had a good idea of the location for the banners and she had all the sizes. We were able to give her an immediate quote, which was swiftly passed by the committee.  We then produced a series of draft designs working remotely with Samantha.  By providing a visual, it enabled her committee to fully understand the aims of drive by advertising.  We supply all our banners in a ready-to-hang state, even with cable ties.  This worked really well for Prudhoe’s Holiday Club and could work just as well for you.

How can you order a holiday club re-usable banner?

">Get in touch!   We find it really helpful if you are able to measure the space that you want to hang a banner.  In this way, we can provide you with an immediate quote.  You will find our banners to be of extra thick quality with reinforced hems and eyelets.  You can see how easy it is to change the date details on the banner here.  We find a video is the best way to explain!

Re-usable Banners
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