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Car Rear Window Decal

Thank you for such a great job, I agree with you that it looks fab! Adrian Hunt

Car rear window decals have been successfully working for sole traders and small businesses for years.  If you do not drive a van, there is no reason why you cannot take advantage of the benefits of vehicle sign writing.  Most sign writers will tell you that ‘the money is on the rear’!.  This means that if you are only going to sign write one panel of your car, choose the rear window. The driver of the car behind you will get plenty of time to read your information whilst they are in modern day stationary traffic.

If you are parked outside a customer’s premises, your car rear window decal will continue endorsing the work you are doing.  It is as if your customer is providing you with a testimonial.

What are the rules governing car rear window decals?

You need to have visibility to the rear of your vehicle.  Our decals are NOT a full sticker.  They are a series of pre-spaced letters and decals.  You will still have visibility through the rear window, and of course you have wing mirrors too.

Car rear window decals are not affected by wiper blades, heated rear window elements or de-icer sprays.   We recommend you avoid the use of ice scrapers because they can chip the lettering. You can still use jet washes and the drive-through car wash. When you need to remove it, you can use a hair dryer or gently heat to loosen the adhesive lettering.

We always recommend you advise your insurance company that you are going to install a rear car decal.  Some companies class this as a modification.  You can ask for it to be excluded in the event of a claim.  Our experience is that most insurance companies are happy to do this, as for them to match or part match a car decal is a difficult and expensive job.

How easy are they to install?

We post car decals all around the UK. We make them very simple to install yourself and they come with full instructions.We recommend you measure your rear window before ordering.  The vertical measurement from under any integral brake lights to just above the wiper blade is the important measurements.  ">Send it to us in cm’s and we will return with some artwork for you to approve before manufacture.

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