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Great Dane Developments Builder’s Boards

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Developers and tradespeople all over the UK are using builder’s boards to promote their work.  They can get 24/7 promotion on site with a board, not just when their van is parked outside.  By affixing the board to the fencing of the site they are working, a trades person can promote their involvement in a larger joint project as well as one of their own.  For instance, it is also a good way of communicating safety information at the point of access to a site.  These boards can be used time and time again.  For example, they are light enough to hang from cable ties or can be affixed using screws.

What are Builder’s boards made from?

We use 5mm rigid plastic board, sometimes known as foamex or tecafoam.  We flood coat the boards for a full colour finish or we can use block cut vinyl lettering for a longer life board.  This is because block cut vinyl is coloured all the way through and is more resistant to fading.  Therefore, we use marine grade vinyl for a tough, long lasting finish.  We flood coat full colour designs in printed vinyl using uv protected inks.

Great Dane Developments have used Builder’s boards for many years.  They are involved in many domestic extensions and small building projects.  They use the boards to create a point of contact even when they are not on site themselves.  As a result, neighbours are able to see who is running the project.  In this way, each job can be used as a testimonial. Great Dane Developments purchase 50x50cm boards which they find easy to store in their vans.  They do not need a large frontage or fencing for  their display.

How to order

">Just get in touch!  We are always happy to help with the design work, using our skill and experience to create benefit for our customers!   This means you are free to concentrate on your trade, knowing that we will be doing ours.

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