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Task Angel’s Self Applied Car Decals

Do you run a business that relies on customers in your own geographical locality?  Vehicle sign writing is a marketing tool that really needs serious consideration.

Everywhere you drive, your car will be an advertisement for you.  So if you park outside a customer, the neighbours will know that it is you without you having to put a leaflet through a door.  If you park in a public place, even collecting your children from school, your car will advertise your presence.  Self applied car decals are not difficult to do and it is very cost effective, because it will work for you for many years or until you choose to remove them.

How easy is it to apply them?

If you are local to us in Chichester, West Sussex, we will always offer to apply the decals for you free of charge.  However if you are further afield, please do not worry.  Self applied car decals are really easy, and application is more than a little addictive! Have a look at this video. It really is that easy.  We take away the hard work by creating a stunning design for you that can be broken down into easy pieces.  In this way, you will find it easy to apply.  We use marine grade vinyl, so you can be sure of a long lasting design.  When it is time to remove them, you can simply heat them with a hairdryer and they will peel off.

We recommend you advise your insurance company before installing the decals.  This is because some companies will consider this a modification to the vehicle.

How to order

If you can take some nice side, front and rear photos of your car, we can do clever things with artwork.  This is how we use the photos to create a great design, to bring your vehicle to life. In this way you will get to see exactly how the car might look before you order.  So much nicer than using a drawing, to demonstrate a design.  You can ">email us here and let us have any logos or wording you want included. Sit back and let us get to work!  It really is that easy.

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