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Christmas Fayre Banner

They made it and they are fab!!!!! I arrived at 8 this morning and the chap was just delivering them, we had a very excited head and deputy head! Thank you so much for producing such great banners in such a short space of time. We really appreciate it. Kind Regards, Kimberley

This fairly simple design for a Christmas Fayre Banner for a primary school certainly caused excitement when it arrived!  The school told us that their banner would be located on a fast road.  They also gave us the space where they were going to hang it.  We find all this information really useful and it allows us to design the best banner for the situation.

Our client’s receive a couple of draft designs from us before we settle down on the preferred option and refine it.  That way we can get the look they want.  Occasionally we need to go back to the drawing board but that is fine.  We use our combined decades of experience in drive by advertising to create a banner that works for each location.

In the case of this banner, we decided to stick to fairly basic lettering on a white background.  From a young age, we are taught to read from dark lettering on a white background.  This instinctive skill coupled with the fact that a white banner is easier to read in poor light, meant that darker evenings did not stop the banner being read.  We tend to alternate the colours of the lines of lettering.  As cars pass fast, it is easy for the occupants to pick up the next line of lettering each time they pass.

By using a distinctive font for the main event, it means that year on year the banner will be instantly recognisable.  Passers by will instantly associate it with the school event.  The staff at the school can easily change the date and time information themselves for just a few pounds each year.

How to order a Christmas Fayre Banner

">Simply get in touch.  Do measure your space and perhaps send photos of it.  We can superimpose your banner to give you a better idea of what it will look like.  So ">email us your thoughts and wait for some exciting designs to hit your in-box!

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