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Rathbones Marketing Challenge

Thank you Karen (and Wendy) We are really pleased with the blinds and how they look. The logo on the glass panelling is a bonus and looks fab. Have a good weekend.Kind regards,Annette BulbeckOffice Manager, Rathbone Investment Management

This was a very interesting project for us.  Local Investment Management Consultants, Rathbones, rang us with a marketing challenge that rarely comes along.  They occupy the top two floors in a listed building.  Due to listed building status, they were not able to put any marketing material on the outside of the building.  Their offices overlook a busy roundabout.  This means there is lots of queuing stationery traffic at the roundabout entrances.  We felt this offered a marketing opportunity waiting to be exploited.  Their actual windows are small with a number of separate panes.  The result was that they were not suitable for us to apply the Rathbone’s logo directly to the inside of the glass.  So started the Rathbones Marketing Challenge!

We worked closely with Rathbones to come up with a solution.  We produced a number of samples. As a result the customer was able to get an idea of the final look.  Rathbones already had blinds in all of their windows – 26 of them!  – so there was an opportunity for us to brand them.

We chose a thin flexible vinyl and we heat bonded it to the blinds whilst they were still hanging.  Rathbones used the sample blind for a couple of weeks.  This way we were confident that we had found a lasting solution.  By re-using their existing blinds, we felt true to our ethos of re-use not consign to refuse.  And of course Rathbones were delighted with an economically viable solution.  So pleased in fact that they then ordered some logos on their open plan office dividers.

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