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West Norwood Film Festival Re-usable Banner

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks again for all your help with our banners; we were all thrilled to pieces when they arrived and they’re now in pride of place on our high street. It was a pleasure working with you, which I sadly find such a rare thing with suppliers. Aside from the obvious yearly date change for the banner, you’ll be our first port of call for any future banner needs. cheers, Sharni Beere West Norwood FFF

West Norwood run a Free Film Festival every year.  Sharni recognised that a banner would be her best marketing route, as well as a listing on www.freefilmfestivals.org.  She identified a number of potential sites around West Norwood and she gained permission from the land owners to display a banner.  This is essential.  Banners are classed as ‘temporary signage’ by most councils.  Therefore they do not need permission.  You can display a banner, or other temporary signage for 30 days with the landowner’s permission.  Together, we designed an eye-catching banner that can be used year after year.  The design is critically important for an annual event.  You want your potential film goers to recognise your event as soon as the banners are displayed.  Even better, you want them to actively look for them!

You may want to think about banners in multiples.  Dependent on your location, your committee might decide to strategically place banners on all major entrance roads.  In this way, you will gain a more comprehensive exposure and you will save time and effort in moving the banner around. Your film festival re-usable banner will not be a one off.  So if you would normally buy a new banner for each event each year, and that you have four events in a year.  Why not buy four banners to place at different places and then update all of them throughout the year.  Your income will grow from the extra exposure to new commuters and your advertising expenditure will decrease over time.

This strategy works well for West Norward.  Their film festival is a sell out every year.

How to order a re-usable banner for your film festival.

If you think a banner with changeable dates will work for your event, ">just get in touch.  It is helpful to have an idea of the size of banner you require and then we can give you an immediate quote.  We are happy to create artwork for you to discuss with your committee prior to order.  We place a high importance on getting the design bit right.  As a result, we hope you will use your banner for many years to come.

Re-usable Banners