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Re-Usable Banner for Historic Buildings – Company of Merchant Taylor’s Hall

The banner is up! It was quite easy to put up really, and I did it all by myself. Let’s hope we get lots of people to our Open Day now after our hard work! </br> Thanks again for all your patience – much appreciated. Kind regards, Annabel Amy

Annabel contacted us many years ago with a marketing dilemma.  The historic company she worked for – The Company of Merchant Taylors in York – were needing to create a revenue stream.  Like many historic buildings, the governors were looking into holding corporate events and weddings on site.  Annabel faced the challenge of trying to market to potential users whilst being aware of the sensitive issues of site based promotions.

We are geographically very remote from York, so a site visit was not an option.  Instead we relied on telephone calls and photos to find a suitable site for a banner.  In fact we located two.  Ideally, they were both cast iron railings along side a car park and adjacent to a quiet road and pedestrian short cut.  Both were on land owned by the Company.  This last fact is important.  You must have permission from the land owner for any promotional material you want to display.  This is a planning condition as well as a courtesy.

So having overcome the issue of displaying a re-usable banner for a historic building, we set about creating a design.  The location allowed us to be a little more wordy than normal.  Annabel advised that the railings were adjacent to a pedestrian short cut and queuing traffic.

The banner was a great success.  The same banner has promoted their open days for several years now.  By re-using a vinyl banner, you can save a piece of vinyl from going into landfill and it will also save you money over time.

Do you need a re-usable banner for historic buildings or sensitive area?

">Email us or get in touch by phone.  We are always happy to advise best we can.


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