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Motorcycle and Bike Decals – Colnago

Wheels look great,cheers for that Kind Regards Neal

We love our work!  It is never repetitive and there is no knowing what the day will bring.  Take the lovely Neal – looking for customised graphics for his racing bike.  If you have ever heard of Colnago (we hadn’t), take it from me that they are super top of the range wheels.  Therefore it is pretty natural that their proud owners will want to stand out from the crowd.  Lots of accurate measurements and a few pictures later, and we had a pretty good idea of what Neal was after.  As a result of his patience, we were spot on and the graphics, as you can see, fitted perfectly and look absolutely factory finish.

How to pimp your own wheels

Motorcycle and bike decals are not just for decoration.  They also make your wheels unique to you, and therefore less of a target to an opportune thief.  Yes, you can remove the decals with gentle heat, but this is not a quick task.  It is much quicker to apply them, than remove them.

Take lots of measurements and photos.  We need to know the space you have available for the lettering.  So measure left to right and top to bottom.  Also, if you can get an idea of any curves, we can replicate it so that the lettering comes pre-spaced.  Alternatively, if you are feeling crafty, you can apply the lettering individually to get the curve you need.

">Email us all the information and we will be delighted to help you.

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