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IWC Van and Car Decals

That’s great news, thank you so much Karen, you guys are amazing to work with and I will of course be booking you up again for next year should be get confirmation from the client. I will do your review for you too. Have a lovely weekend.Julia Roberts Events Co-ordinator Tristar Worldwide Chauffeur Services

We have the nicest clients!  And they come through some very unusual circumstances.  IWC needed some van and car decals but it was a job we were not expecting at all.

So, it is Friday afternoon, 2pm.  The phone rings – nothing unusual – except it is a chap wanting us to sign write 15 minibuses that afternoon.  FIFTEEN! On a Friday afternoon in March.  That is unusual!  We thought it was a prank call and politely rang off.  But he called again.  He was an event organiser for IWC Schaffhausen who were attending a corporate event at local venue Goodwood Airfield.  They had pre-ordered some vehicle graphics from their local supplier, but when the client arrived, they were not happy.  They had been supplied with stickers rather than vinyl graphics.

The client persuaded us this wasn’t a prank call but passing his AMEX card details over, and we set to work.  Within an hour we had half the graphics made, so two of us set off to get those installed, whilst the team   Now the chauffeurs of these vehicles had their own schedules.  They were collecting guests from airports, train stations and taking them out to dinner reservations.

Reality was that we were still working as it got dark that first March, and finally tracked down the last vehicle early on the Saturday morning.

Now we are the go-to company whenever IWC come to town.  We are proud to have worked with them on many occasions. On the last occasion, we managed to sign write a total of 28 vehicles in just 90 minutes on a Sunday morning.  Thank heavens we have always been blessed with dry weather!

The difference between stickers and vehicle graphics

It is very easy to confuse stickers with vinyl graphics.   Stickers are just that.  They come with a background.  In this case they had been printed onto clear vinyl but they did look pretty cheap on brand new V-class and C-class Mercedes-Benz.  Even if they were just for a weekend.  Vinyl graphics have no background and look like each letter has been painted on. So for IWC van and car decals it had to be the best, which is vinyl lettering.

How could mobile sign writing work for you?

If you are pretty flexible in terms of date we are happy to visit you in the locality of Chichester and sign write your vehicle whilst you are parked up and working.  This is great for local tradespeople because you have access to your van and tools and continue earning whilst we glam your van.  ">Contact us for more information.

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