About This Project

We are proud to have made a banner for the Queen’s Official Birthday Celebration Event.  The Household Division Re-usable banner is eight metres long.  It is one of the biggest we have made, and definitely the most prestigious.

We make banners for both Beating The Retreat and The Trooping of The Colour. These are iconic British events which take place annually.  They are an enormous tourist attraction especially as British Royalty is so well respected world wide.  The pageantry is truly amazing.

The purpose of the banner is to inform tourists how they can purchase tickers.  The Household Division re-usable banner has to be instantly recognisable to multi lingual tourists.  To aid this the design is very visual with basic date information. Tourists are guided to the website (which can be translated) in order to make a purchase.

Displayed in Horse Guards Parade, London, this re-usable banner is a photographic attraction for many. Tourists love sharing their photo taken in front of it.  So it probably has the best social media reach of any physical banner we have made!

The Household Division are easily able to change the dates for this annual event by themselves. It is a huge boost for environment in that this massive piece of vinyl stays out of landfill and gets plenty of use over many years.

If you want to learn more about this event, visit The Household Division website.

To order your own re-usable banner:

We make re-usable banners of all sizes and for any organisation.  From a small local charity to, well, The Household Division!  We love the challenge of creating a banner that works in the environment it is going to be located in.  To see how we can help you, just ">email us and we will call you back to discuss your next event.  If you are able to measure the space of display first, it will help us to quote you.

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