What is a display board?

Sign boards and display board printing in Dibond, Correx or Foamex. Ideal for small permanent signage, builders boards, exhibition graphics or road side advertisements.

We supply many companies and individuals with small signage with no minimum order.  All of our display boardsa are supply only, so you will need to fit it yourself or hire someone locally to do so.

What choices are there?

Correx is a cheap temporary option.  It is corregated plastic and ideal for promoting events as it affixes easily to roadside furniture or stakes.

As it is so light, you can also hang it from ceilings or stands at exhibitions. It is a temporary product and can bend and dent very easily.

Tecafoam, or foamboard as it is also known, is a rigid plastic board. This is a semi permanent option.  It too can be drilled or hung by cable ties and we would advise it is used against a solid surface such as a fence.  In cold situations, tecafoam can become rigid and break under a direct hit.

Dibond is the king of signage.  A solid aluminium composite, it too can be drilled for fixing but commonly is used on metal poles using a rail system.




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