How do re-usable vinyl banners work?

It is the answer to your question – how can I buy a banner with changeable dates?  Well you can at Griffin Designs!

With our help, you can design an eye-catching re-usable vinyl banner for the aspect and position you want to display it.  It can be full colour, or just lettering. Simply advise us of the lettering that will need to be changed in the future, and we will build this into the design.

We have many years experience in designing banners that really work in different positions – be they high up on a wall, or on the railings of a really fast roundabout.

You will receive a banner, all ready to hang, complete with cable ties.

Banners are easy to store until your next use.  You need to remember to contact us about 6-8 weeks before your next event with the new details.  Then we can post you replacement lettering with full instructions.

Be warned – changing the lettering on your banner can be addictive because the banner will look like new at the end.  It is extremely satisfying to do.

Not only does a banner like this keep a lump of vinyl out of landfill.  But it also will save you money.

Re-usable vinyl banners are environmentally friendly and economically advantageous. Most customers pay just one third of the original price to update their banner, so from the second use they are already saving money.

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