What do our customers use rubber stamps for?

The list is literally endless.  Dater rubber stamps are popular for recording receipt of documents, and certain industries such as solicitors and accountants also require a logo stamp.

Accounts departments use stamps to track process of paperwork.

Dentists find stamps useful to mark patient records with a dental mouth plan, making it easy to keep note of patient problems.

Garages are now able to service all makes and models of cars so a stamp for the service booklet is a useful addition to their tool kit.

We have even made stamps for use with textile ink to decorate clothing at a vintage fair!

Are you a consultant or member of a franchise? Rubber stamps can provide your own personal branding to corporate documents without the need for endless writing or stickers.

How long do they last?

Like all things, stamps do not have an eternal life.  However, the majority of our casings are made using Low Emission manufacturing.  A couple, like the Max Stamp Eco Friendly, is made entirely from reconstituted plastic material which can be recycled again once finished with.

If you are able to keep your stamp away from direct heat – from the sun or from a computer terminal – you will prevent the ink from drying too quickly.  Most of our stamps give at least 10,000 impressions.

You will find so many different type of rubber stamp on the market it is often hard to choose.  We are happy to offer advice as well as a design service.