Window Lettering Makes a Difference, 24/7

When it comes to close up, window lettering is more important than fascia or shop signs.  Pedestrians rarely look up – often down at their phones or bumpy pavements – but never up.  But they do look at windows so make yours work for you 24/7.

It might be your company name, opening times or a special offer.  You can easily apply the lettering yourself – it comes pre-spaced – and when you are ready, you can simply remove it with gentle heat.

We recommend light bright colours because they work best on glass, in all levels of light.  However, it is important to check that your glass is not overly tinted.  This is rare in shop windows, but sometimes occurs in office windows.  Simply put a piece of paper on the inside of the glass.  Does it look white from the outside?   Some windows have privacy tint so maybe you won’t see the paper at all.  In these rare cases, we advise you apply the lettering to the outside of glass.

What about static cling?

This is exactly that.  No adhesive.  Just static. If you have a pop up shop, or are looking for seasonal window decorations you can use several times over, then this is the product for you.

We sell some standard designs on our sister site:, but if you want something just for you, ">get in touch as we are happy to quote.


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