Bollard Covers

Bollard covers are an easy way to attract attention in precinct centres.  Re-usable, they are very cost effective and highly suitable for promoting seasonal offers.


Bollard Covers – a great marketing option

These lightweight pillar covers are just things for advertising in pedestrian areas or around existing street furniture.  The bollard covers come flat packed and are easy to install.  Made from lightweight corrugated plastic, they can printed on four sides, or three sides to create a toblerone sign.  The signs are quick to assemble through an interlocking system that allows them to be removed and re-used.

How to use bollard covers?

Perhaps you are in a precinct in an area where A boards and pavement signs are prohibited?  A bollard cover can be easily put around a lamppost each day.  No trip hazard, very small outlay financially in comparison, plus it can be seen from all sides.  Bollard covers are also great for seasonal offers as they can be stored easily and re-used the following year.  We love the idea of that!  Always keen to make products that last yet can be reused.

What are the options and how easy are they to design?

Well the good news is that we can help you to design an effective bollard sign.  The signs come in either square (four faces) or triangular (three faces) and in three different heights: 80cm, 100cm or 120cm.

For the triangular toblerone pillars, each face is either 187mm, 274mm or 360mm.

The square pillar covers, have a face size of either 108mm, 158mm, 203mm.

Prices start from £14.50 each and there is a minimum order of ten units.

Do I need a planning application to install a bollard cover?

It is always worth checking with your local council about their rules on-street advertising.  You will find that most only mention pavement signs.  We recommend that when you check your measurements before ordering, you make sure the bollard does not have any reflective material on it because it would be considered a hazard to obscure any safety features.


Due to the many options on this product, it is best to ">email for a quotation.