Gazebo Banners For Fetes, Car Boot Sales and Events


You can stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank.  A gazebo banner is a cost-effective way to increase brand exposure during indoor or outdoor exhibitions. Your personalised banner can be printed with any company/promotion and message you want. If you would like to find out more, please see the video below for details.


The banner can be personalised to be really eye-catching – in block or full colour.  When you purchase, the banner comes with heavy duty velcro fixings and has eye-lets in the corners.





Portable Branding for Gazebo Banners

How do you stand out from the crowd at fetes, car boot sales or events?  With a Gazebo Banner!  These are not as widely used as they ought to be, considering the success of them.  See our video here on how to install them.

Your gazebo banners will affix using heavy duty velcro (supplied).  It will be delivered with eyelets in the corners so that it can be cable tied to the inside rear of the gazebo as an option too.

A gazebo banner measures 23cm in height, so ideal for the outside lip or, if you use a supplied gazebo, you can hang it using the eyeletted corners.

How To Order Your Gazebo Banners

  1. Order the length of gazebo banner you need.
  2. Decide on a design, or let us help you create something eye catching. Why not upload your own logo?
  3. Approve the artwork. (Required prior to manufacture)
  4. Eagerly wait for the nice courier
  5. Unroll and use straight away

If you have any queries,"> email for more information.

Design Suggestions

You need to consider that simple is best when thinking about a gazebo banners.  You will need a design that can be seen from a long way away.  It might be best identified through colour rather than wording.  Also remember that the banner is long and thin.  Usually a website or a business name is sufficient.  If you are trying to get more than two lines of text on, the lettering is going to be very small.  If you have any doubt, do get in touch with us.  We are happy to help you with a design as we want you to have a product that works.  Depending on the type of event you attend, you might consider having a banner on two adjacent sides of your gazebo for maximum effect.

Use Suggestions

You might want to display a banner on the rear interior of the gazebo hanging from the rear interior poles.  You can cable tie it to the pole and then use rope and sand filled water bottles to weigh down the lower edge.  As a result the banner will be fixed taut and will not flap around. A banner displayed like this is much more effective than one hung from a table.  Hopefully you will get a lot of customers who will block vision of any table promotions you have.


You may be tempted to fold up your gazebo with the banner still attached.  We don’t recommend this. It is the work of moments to remove the banner from its velcro.  Simply roll the banner up and store it with the gazebo.  If you store the banner affixed to the gazebo for a long time you risk it leaving fold lines and not looking a great representation of your company.

Sneaky Trade Secret for Hanging Banners on Gazebos . . .

Why not save some empty drink or milk bottles and fill them with sand or water?  Simply tie a string or rope from the bottom eyelets of your banner to the bottle.  And hey presto!  Your banner will not flap around in the wind, meaning that you can use it inside your gazebo or even on a table top.


Additional Information

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