AA-Boards or pavement signs are a great way for business to pick up passing trade.

But how can you make them more dynamic so they reflect your offering for the day or season?  Fully printed swinger signs are great, but there is no flexibility to change the message at all.  Poster A boards do allow change, but just purchasing one or two posters is not only expensive, it requires planning and time.

But your company name and logo – why would you want to hand draw that?  Can you even hand draw it?

An A board made out of blackboard material could be the answer.  These are easy to make yourself or you can purchase them.  Just get a few chalk pens and write your offer for the day immediately, meaning you can be totally dynamic to the weather, or to surplus stock.  Then add some vinyl lettering for blackboards.

Vinyl lettering can come in useful here.  Our flexi vinyl adheres well to blackboard paint and is easy to apply.  Why not try it?

Vinyl lettering for blackboards works on walls too!  So cafe menus on the wall, special offers or directional signage on blackboard paint – versatile and easy to use.