Literally clings to glass or mirrors, inside or out!

The Amazing Window Cling and Its Uses

Where to start!  I love this product!  You will find that once you use it, you will find window cling is an amazingly versatile product.

Window cling is wonderful.  An amazing non-sticky product that literally clings to glass or mirrors, inside or out.  You can purchase window cling in its single colour, or it can be printed to full colour.  You can even ask us to cut it into shapes. If you are an independent shop, you will love this for seasonal shop window displays.

Did you know you can apply it to the inside of glass so the printed design faces outwards, or with it facing inwards?. You can use each piece can be used inside or out. You don’t have to order one or the other.

And this is all because it is held in place by static cling.

How to use window cling

If you are a small business owner , you can use this product for seasonal displays if your windows are not tinted.  It could make an amazing difference to footfall. We always recommend checking that windows are not tinted. You can do this by putting a piece of white paper on the inside and seeing if it is white from the outside. If it looks grey, you know your windows are tinted. You can still use window cling, but you may need to rethink the design to consider this.

Likewise clubs love making ‘badges’ for their customers to display in their cars.  Interesting fact: did you know it is still legal to display a 12cm diameter sticker in the front passenger side of a car windscreen? This is where the tax disc used to be (if you remember those). Very popular with a tight customer group such as our lovely clients, Splash Hounds who share a parking area with other companies. It means their clients are easily recognisable should any cars need to be moved.

window cling sticker