This is the time of the year when improbably named storms come thick and fast. Right in time for the season of fireworks. Typical!  But what should you do with your banners in windy weather?

Should you take it down?

After all, our banners are re-usable, so you want to make sure it makes it through the windy season in good condition for it’s next use.  Although our banners are reinforced, it is best to check they are tightly secured along all the edges, not just the corners, to prevent ripping and tearing.  Make sure they are fixed to a secure fence, wall or post.  A banner affixed between two posts with no wind protection from a fence or wall, will be more vulnerable from windy weather conditions.

Safety first for your banner in windy weather

Flapping banners in windy weather is not only a distraction for passing motorists, it could become a safety hazard to pedestrians or cause an accident if it becomes totally free of its fixings.  Do check it regularly. Which brings us to the point of insurance.  Do make sure you have insurance as well as the permission of the land owner.  If you are in any doubt at all, and you know there is a storm coming, then take the banner down for a couple of days.  We use the BBC Weather Guide.  It will make no difference in the long run, and could save you a whole lot of pain for the future
We use UV stable inks in our manufacturing process, but salt water (if your banner is within five miles of the coast – the water travels) and sunlight can shorten the life of your product, so do take it in when your event has passed. Roll in up and store it safely for next time.