One thing is certain.  To the great majority of people, and many owners too, caravans and motor homes all look the same. But now you can increase your caravan and motor home security with roof stickers.


Yes, inside motor homes and caravans might be different, but on the outside they all come with the same manufacturers branding.  Change the number plate and most owners would need to peer closely at the etched window VIN numbers to be absolutely sure the caravan was theirs.  Yet this is exactly what happens to 1000’s of caravans and motor homes every year.  The number plate is changed.  The tow bar lock is removed.  Any wheel clamp is cut off. And the van is on its way to the nearest port for re-sale.
And the results are terrible for the owner.  It is not just the cost of the caravan, because many are insured.  It is the loss of a regular trips out, the feeling of freedom, the inability to just hit the road when you want to go where you want.  There is great emotional investment in these vehicles.


How do you improve caravan and motor home security

For years we have been making caravan roof stickers.  These are numbers and letters 20cm high that are stuck to the roof of your caravan or motor home.  We generally use the vehicle registration number, but it can be anything really.  Black lettering on a white roof allows the road side monitoring cameras on all of our British major roads to automatically search for the letters on a roof once you report your van stolen. Using recognition technology, it doesn’t rely on a human to see the letters, it is a superbly clever software package that scans the road cameras for the right details.
The lettering can be cut to avoid sat dishes and window vents.  Look carefully and you will see that all our emergency service vehicles now have lettering on their roofs so these same cameras can track them in an emergency.
At just £30 per set, it is another weapon in the battle against thieves.  Would they check the roof before they drive your caravan off of your drive?