Fundraisers love a challenge!

Be it jumping from a plane or climbing an amazing number of peaks in a very small number of days – the very act of planning a physical and mental challenge is enhanced by the gratification of the funds it might raise for your chosen charity.  Now, in addition to a Just Giving page, you have another option.

Create a club by designing a tshirt or other item that people can keep or share.  With social media, everyone loves to share and a charity tshirt allows all your supporters to visually become part of your challenge whether they are physically with you are not.

But fundraisers are in training for their chosen event, with no time to pack tshirts and deal with returns surely?  Yes, of course!  Which is why we are offering a turnkey fundraising service.

With our help, we can design a product that is totally useful and represents either your event or your chosen charity perfectly.  We then send you samples free of charge to try out and if you like them, together we set up  a sales channel.  This can be a website, a facebook shop or an existing outlet.

  • You sell the items, we make and ship them for you, dealing with any returns.
  • You collect the money at point of sale, and we invoice you for them at the end of the week/fortnight
  • Prices?  An example would a tshirt, normal heavy weight cotton shirt, with decal on the front to you around £10.  But you can sell this on for £15-20 depending upon your event and supporters, making a tidy profit for your chosen charity.

James – fundraiser extraordinaire

Is planning a cycle ride – and it is his unusual design you can see.  His chosen charity is Sidekick (on instagram @sidekickcommunity) a not-for-profit organisation aimed at promoting mental and physical well being.  So you don’t need to be involved with a large charity, but with us, together we can make a difference to what you can achieve.