Re-Usable Vinyl Banners


Re-usable banners are for life – Not just one event!

Have you often wondered how to have a professional looking banner but one you can change the date on?  You are on the right website!


Our re-usable vinyl banners are printed with full colour UV resistant inks, which means that your banner won’t fade. They are hemmed and come with reinforced eyelets every 100cm length.


Because they are not laminated, you can add the changeable element of your banner (the date, venue, time etc) with our flexible vinyl lettering.


We can make banners to any size, but we find that the 50cm height ones work well on waist height railings. The 80cm ones are good for shoulder height fences.  100cm ones tend to be used on high fences or the side of buildings.  We always recommend you measure the area you are going to hang the banner before ordering.  Size can be deceptive and a small banner on a large space is not going to be impactive enough to fast or passing traffic.  Likewise, if you banner is being hung in a position where it is going to be read by pedestrians, a small one will be more effective.


Watch the video to see how it easy it is to update your banner for the next use. Click on the description tab below for information on how to order your re-usable banner.



How do Re-Usable Vinyl Advertising Banners Work?

If a picture paints a thousand words, then the video above demonstrates that it really is that easy to update a re-usable vinyl advertising banner.  These vinyl banners are much thicker than normal printed vinyl banners and are meant to last.  The strong hems and reinforced eyelets mean that you can change the lettering on your banner many times over.

But before you start, this video explains how the banners work really well.

How to order your re-usable vinyl advertising banners in four simple steps:

  1. Measure your available space. (Ensure that you get the landowner’s permission first)
  2. Email the size, information, photos, colours and any thoughts you have on design. If you have existing promotional material or branding, we can echo that design, so please send that too.
  3. You will receive an email from us with draft designs. Let us have your feedback and we will amend until we get the look you want.
  4. Wait for the courier!  Your banner arrives ready to unroll and hang.  It even comes with cable ties.
  5. Get in contact with us again when you want to change the date.  We charge by the amount of vinyl you need, so a simple number change is just a £1. (subject to a minimum order charge of £10)
  6. Price depends on size.  But to give you an idea a 200x5cm banner is £74.40 and a 300x100cm banner is £138.  We can make virtually any size, so why not ">email for an exact quote?
  7. Please allow ten working days from confirmation of artwork to despatch.  If you are short of time, please get in touch and we will advise if this can be faster.


Designing your reusable vinyl advertising banners

Design is the key to success with a re-usable vinyl advertising banners, which is why you can benefit from our many years of experience in producing successful drive by and road side advertising banners.  You can ask us for as much or as little help as you want with the design process, so you know that your artwork will be checked and what you receive will be exactly what you want.

If you are supplying your own artwork for your re-usable vinyl advertising banner, please make sure you have scaled it to the size banner you are ordering.  We ALWAYS check artwork prior to print.  Technical bit below:

  • We prefer pdf or eps file types
  • CMYK colour profile, although we can autoconvert this for you
  • 6cm clear space for lettering or important design elements around the edge to allow space for hems and eyelets. Background designs are fine in this space.
  • Fonts converted to curves, outlines or objects
  • All on one layer, no hidden layers
  • Images embedded
  • No visible keylines or trim lines
  • Supply the full artwork, including the removable elements, but advise us of these in a covering email.
  • Re-usable elements need to be block colour, with no dropped shadow or outline.

Having a clear design idea from you saves a lot of time, especially if your event is getting close.  Read our blog for more information on time lines.



You are buying a re-usable vinyl advertising banner that will last many years.   Our customers lose more banners in storage than whilst they are being displayed.  We recommend that your banner is stored rolled up, and in its original packaging if possible.  Do think about cleaning it before storage, just so it is easier to update.  No-one wants to unroll a mucky banner crawling with woodlice and other critters – although, believe me, we have been faced with this scenario more than once!


Updating Your Banner

You can order new lettering for your re-usable vinyl advertising banner by clicking on this link.

Additional Information

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