Dibond Sign Boards


Dibond is the ultimate permanent signage solution.  Made from Aluminium composite, it is rust proof and can be used in a double sided situation.

Always check with your local council to see if planning permission is required before placing your order.


Dibond Sign Boards – the ultimate signage

Dibond sign boards are made from an aluminium composite sheet.  It comprises two pre-painted sheets of 3mm aluminium with a solid polyethylene core. If you are looking for a permanent signage, then you can buy no better than a Dibond sign board. Being aluminium, it is weather proof and does not rust.  This video shows you exactly how inherently strong it is.

Uses for Dibond sign boards

Dibond has a whole variety of uses:

  • It is a permanent signage, so you can hang, mount or screw it to any stable surface
  • It is coloured on both sides – one matt and one gloss – so you can use one sheet for double sided signage. If you attach it into grooves between two wooden poles you can create a modern yet artisan look
  • If you are looking for a building name, you can mount it on ‘spacers’ so it stands proud of the wall
  • You should always use aluminium or galvanised fixings to avoid rust marks
  • Like all our products, Dibond can be re-used.  Following simple instructions, you can strip the existing design, using gentle heat, and then you can replace it with a new design.  Please note that there might be some shadowing of the old design if it has been left in a sunny position for some years.


Dibond supports any design you might want.  So you can choose from a single full colour image which is flooded over the surface of the sign.  Or you can have block cut vinyl lettering applied to it.  Subsequently, you can remove either type of design and neither affects the properties of Dibond.

Most importantly, please note that this is a permanent signage and you may need to secure planning application permission before erection.  Do check with your local council.

A5, A4, and A3 posted to UK addresses.  Other sizes available on request.  Larger pieces for collection only from Chichester, West Sussex.

Additional Information

A5, A4, A3, A2


Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, White