Re-usable Indoor Banner



At last! A Re-usable Indoor Banner that is easier to use than a traditional roller banner

Oh heavens, how many times have you struggled to put up a roller banner?  In search of a tall person or a chair to stand on?  And then putting it down!  Get it even a little crooked and the edges turn more frilly than a prom dress.  Honestly, it’s not a good corporate look.  Don’t forget to watch out for that thin metal casing.  Easy to dent, rendering the whole thing useless. Or worse, cut yourself on a sharp edge.

No sooner have you blown £80+ quid on your display, when you need to change the message for the next event, or one piece of information needs updating.  Yes. This means buying a whole new roller banner, aluminium frame and all.  The old is destined for landfill.

The solution is here!

Our customers asked, and we listened.  We researched. We sourced and we road-tested.  And now we stock a really lightweight indoor banner – that has a separate printed banner sold that can be purchased independently of the frame.  Yes, it is a totally new design on the traditional roller banner.  Why not see for yourself in this video here

How does it work?

  1. The banner tripod frame is made from carbon fibre and comes in three pieces, in a handy carrying case
  2. You order the printed banner separately, but it can have changeable information like our reusable vinyl banners.
  3. Putting it up is a one-person job – no chairs or tall people needed.  No sharp edges or danger to life or limb.
  4. Dismantling is the opposite to erection.

Why is this a re-usable indoor banner?

You only ever need to purchase the one frame.  You can purchase the banners independently so whether you need to have different messages for separate events, or you just need a re-design, you only have to pay a fraction of the original.

Even better, if you using it as part of a display to signpost to a future event, you can update the event information.  Or perhaps you have different sponsors for different events – why not add their logo to the banner just for that event?  You can purchase our vinyl lettering by clicking here.

Size matters – our re-usable indoor banners give more options!

A traditional roller banner is usually 850x2000mm or 1000x2000mm.  These new banners come in a choice of sizes.

So where space is tight go for the 600x1600mm.  The massive 1200x2000mm is great as a photo backdrop, opening up all sorts of possibilities for office backdrops for your staff recognition photos or product social media posts.

Additional Information

1200mm x 2000mm Banner only, 1200mm x 2000mm Frame and Banner, 600mm x 1600mm Banner only, 600mm x 1600mm Frame and Banner